9Winz Support

9Winz provides access to a well-trained professional team that is happy to render assistance, make the use of the online casino simple, clarify the terms and conditions, and answer any related questions of the players.

Further, we will go into detail about when customer support can be useful and how you can reach out to it.

9Winz Customer Support

Types of Problems

9Winz support is available 24/7. The members of a casino team do their best to ensure that a player’s experience with the gambling website is smooth. They are ready to offer a solution for any issue. Understanding that any gamer considers security and trust when choosing a gambling site to entertain them, 9Winz has arranged one of the best customer services, motivating new users to join, guiding the players through the assortment of the site, and solving current issues, for example:

Details of registration and verification Signing up on the website is easy. But if there is any confusion or if a more precise definition is needed, the player support team will be of help.

  • Bonus issues. All the details, terms, and conditions of the promotions can be checked with the help of the support team;
  • Closing of an account. If a user wants to close his account, he must contact the support team and inform them of his intention;
  • Refusal to play any game at the online casino. It is possible to pause an account for a particular period of time or indefinitely. There are appropriate settings in the profile, or a user can contact the support team;
  • Complaints. If there are any complaints or conflicts, the 9Winz player support team should be contacted. It is recommended to send an email with a detailed presentation of the case. The reply is normally sent within 10 days;
  • Depositing and withdrawing real money. If there are any disputed transactions on the website, 9Winz support specialists will help resolve the matter;
  • Fraud. If there is any sign of suspicious activity on the official 9Winz website, the support team must be notified as soon as possible;
  • Errors with the credits. If the company credits the wrong amount to a player’s account, the player ought to notify the company of the mistake and return the funds.

Types of problems to slove by 9Winz Customer Support

Actual Contacts

9Winz is one of the top gambling sites in India. It is operated by Globis N.V. Its registered address is Abraham de Veerstraat 9, Curacao. To provide the best possible service to every player, 9Winz offers several ways to contact the player support team:

  • By phone;
  • Email;
  • Live chat.

To talk with a representative of the company by phone, find a “Call me” icon at the bottom right corner of the home page. When it is activated with a click, the form is displayed on the screen. Then, you should:

  1. Enter your phone number and name.
  2. Send the data.
  3. Wait for the call.

The customer support team replies almost immediately. The employees of the company are ready to answer any relevant question. The telephone conversations and messages between 9Winz and a gamer may be recorded to avoid any confusion.

It is important to know that violent, rude behavior, threats, or any insulting statements are not allowed and can be a reason for a ban on a gaming account and a cessation of communication.

Actual 9Winz Contacts


If a telephone conversation is not convenient for some reason, you can benefit from email and send messages to support@9winz .com. For complaints, there is another address: [email protected].

This communication channel is a simple way to attach scans of identification documents, photos, and other papers when the format of the presentation does matter. Also, it is convenient because you can review the letter sent in reply to benefit the most from the information.

It may take some time to get a reply, but commonly, the average response time is short. However, a phone call and live chat usually provide a quicker resolution.

9Winz Customer Support by Email

Live Chat

To get an instant answer, Indian players may use a live support chat. To use it, they should go to the bottom menu of the home page and find the “Contact us” section. When it is activated, information about available communication methods is displayed, including a live chat. Also, the corresponding icon for the live chat can be found at the bottom right corner of the home page. Click on it and take a few steps to reach an employee of the casino:

  1. Fill out an easy-to-follow form. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Select the language of communication, whether it is English or Hindi. Click the “Start the chat” button and continue with a live assistant.

Here, there is no need to wait several hours or days after the issue is reported. The option is good for providing some urgent and brief information, like the amount of the withdrawal and the number of the last transaction. It can be used to get a step-by-step guide for how to register or launch a game (slots, TV games, live casino, or others). All common queries can be resolved without exception.

9Winz Customer Support by Live chat


Are the player support services available for the users of the 9Winz mobile app?

Are the player support services available for the users of the 9Winz mobile app?

Yes. All the communication channels can be used through the mobile application.

What shall I do in case of fraud related to my account?

You must contact the support team as soon as possible in order to deactivate your account for security reasons and solve the issue.

Is 9Winz safe?

Is 9Winz safe?

Yes, it is safe. 9Winz is licensed and regulated by the Curacao regulator.

Shall I pay for the consultation and other player support services?

Shall I pay for the consultation and other player support services?

You do not have to pay a rupee for the assistance of the support team.